About Us

We're a Santa Cruz web design and development firm providing services for local businesses as well as the greater San Jose, San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. We enable brands to communicate, inspire, and grow through strong brand awareness and powerful visual content.

We love what we do


Our philosophy

We're a small team that believes the results you obtain from our work is the true measure of our success. We truly enjoy working with our clients - every project we're involved in is treated like a passion project.


Balanced lifestyle

As a creative agency we understand the value of keeping our minds fresh and energized. When we're not working we are re-charging the creative juices by surfing, skating, hiking, or enjoying our favorite seafood cuisine.

Everyone has a voice

While there might be a heirachy on paper, we certainly don't run like that. We encourage our team to get involved in all aspects of client work and company strategy.

Management team


Luke Hertzler
Designer, Developer


Anthony Garay
Business Development


Luke Adachi
Sales Manager

We establish partnerships with our clients